Fonts and Quotes

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I consider myself an avid typographer. Fonts and type have always intrigued and interested me.  A typeface can completely change the feeling and meaning of words. I have typography running through my veins – my blood type is HELVETICA. (true story) just sent me their newsletter and the opening featured font was Rabenau.  The […]

Paper Savvy

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A lot of people think of me as the go-to “web guy.”  Maybe it’s because I started typing my school papers in the 5th grade on an Apple IIe.  Maybe it’s because I dream in HTML. Maybe it’s because I wish life had a “refresh” button like my favorite internet browser. Or maybe it’s just […]

Alliance Limousine

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(Alliance… Alliance…. Alliance) On time, great price by land or air, in jeans a suit or your underwear, grab your bags and pack your packs Alliance Limousine had got your back. We’ll take you where you need to go – to the airport or to see a show. When times get tough, the tough get […]

Let Live

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The chains remain with locks undone The house remains it’s reason one Broken twines are rotten through Replaced with a line that’s strong and true Free from wings in heaven nest Without the song from the eagles breast A single prick could take your life A needle on the beach of life Know your heart […]