July 2013

Hummus is a holonym for itself

What’s a holonym?

A holonym is a word that names the whole of which a given word is a part.

Shirt is a holonyn for sleeve; Hat is a holonym for brim. Car is a holonym for chassis.  Hummus is a holonym for itself.

Why? Because the word “Hummus” is Arabic. It translates to chickpea, or garbanzo in English.  In English, hummus is a (delicious) paste made from chickpeas and other ingredients, it is the whole and it is the parts. A lone holonym.


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A picture is worth a thousand words, and a good video is priceless

A good promotional video can add volumes to help seal the deal. It makes yourself look more professional, more knowledgeable and if done well, can truly showcase what the customer needs to see.  Here is a video that one of our clients did, Judith E. Glaser, Chairman & Co-Founder of The Creating WE Institute and Author of Conversational Intelligence, among other fabulous leadership books. We are proud to be able to showcase it on her websites, and on ours.

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