July 2012


Great Logos

Logo from meateater.com

I am always on the look out for great logos. Today I came upon the Meat Eater logo (http://themeateater.com)

Although the logo as a whole with it’s morbid skull with fork-antlers is in a vertical format which I usually recommended against for my clients because it sometimes can limit size and placement in print and signage instances, I found the typography to be clever and very note worthy.

The two words “meat” “eater” are legible and visible when read vertically AND horizontally. The fact that the designer picked up on this and was effectively able to articulate the duality of the relationship between the two words is very admirable. I give the meat eater logo two thumbs up!

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Evolution of Brand

Here is a great visual comparison by Stock Logos of some of the world’s top brands’ original logo vs. their current logo.  Many of the companies logos have evolved to be similar to their original brand, and some have decided to change direction completely.  What is missing from this  chart are the intermediate logos which in many cases show how the logos didn’t jump to seemingly unrelated ideas, but actually evolved over time to become what they are today.

Two examples of this would be the Shell logo

Shell Logo Evolution

…and the Mazda logo

Logo Evolution Mazda

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