November 2011

Unlinking Text Boxes in InDesign CS5.5

The Split Story Script among other hidden gems.

This is how you find the Scripts Panel

During one of my recent projects for Creating WE I set up a document with linking text boxes. Well, as the project progressed, the text in the boxes changed from body text to headline text and then into image captions. At that point, it no longer made sense to have all the text boxes linked together, because as I was editing the text it was needlessly jumping from one text box to the next across pages. I needed a way to break all the text box links apart without disturbing the layout or having to recreate the boxes.



The solution was simple, a pre-installed script:

  1. Open your Scripts panel (Window> Utilities >Scripts)
  2. Look down the folder tree until you find Split Story (Application > Samples > SplitStory.jsx)
  3. Place your cursor in one frame of the linked story that you want to unlink
  4. Double-click the script name in the panel.
  5. InDesign will run the script and all the frames of the story will be “unlinked” without disturbing the layout of the content.
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Alliance Limousine

(Alliance… Alliance…. Alliance)

On time, great price by land or air, in jeans a suit or your underwear, grab your bags and pack your packs Alliance Limousine had got your back.

We’ll take you where you need to go – to the airport or to see a show.

When times get tough, the tough get going in a stretch limousine or a big ass Boeing

888-682-5466 just for you! 888-682-5466 just for you!

Alliance Limousine. Fairfield County’s Premiere transportation service since 1999. With offices in Connecticut, California and London, we’ve got you covered coast to coast and around the globe.  Call today we’re here for you!


888-682-5466 just for you!

Listen to the Music

Click here to listen to the MP3: Alliance Limousine Radio Spot

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Let Live

The chains remain with locks undone
The house remains it’s reason one

Broken twines are rotten through
Replaced with a line that’s strong and true

Free from wings in heaven nest
Without the song from the eagles breast

A single prick could take your life
A needle on the beach of life

Know your heart and hold it strong
Never can it lead you wrong

The winds blow and storm clouds go
but without the rain what would grow?

Go the way that the water flows
Sail the way that the strong wind blows
Not upstream, not against the tide
Against the wind, the sails won’t fly

Hear my song and hear the cries
Look within those sad blue eyes
Let her live among her lies
Only then will she realize

The winds blow and the storm clouds go
But without the rain, nothing would grow

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Recorded live at the Accoustic Cafe in Fairfield, Connecticut on November 14, 2000: Let Live – By Michael Bud featuring William Pond and Ken Pond

Lyrics originally written December 27, 1998


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Shades of Grey

Some say they’re straight or bi or gay, but I say we’re all just shades of grey.
From black to white and all the races, it’s just a shade of grey on all our faces.
If you don’t know what I’m trying to say, then you’re just seeing one shade of grey.
Black words appear on an all white page, but the pictures appear in shades of grey.

And what about that Jewish guy? Some people say he was crucified.
Buddhists enlightened to the sky, and Shinto shrines with nature’s vibe.
If you get wise you’ll realize there’s shades of grey withing all our lives.
It doesn’t matter how you pray it’s all just different shades of grey.

When the sun slowly sets at night, the world don’t turn to black and white.
Watch the light as it fades away and all hues turn to shades of grey.

When you label things in black and white, the shades within are lost from sight.
If you take all the colors away, what must remain are the shades of grey.

Listen to the Music

Shades of Grey – By Michael Bud, featuring William Pond

Originally written March 1, 1999

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