June 2010

Advertising that really sucks!

This ad really sucks!

This billboard really sucks!

There is nothing worse than crappy, boring advertising. Especially for a product that sucks. I mean this is BRILLIANT! I don’t speak German, but Guerilla-Marketing is valid in any language. This billboard, without using even one word, aside from the name of the product, effectively communicated the power of a Miele vacuum.

This is the type of quality advertising people actually ENJOY to see.  I hate to be cliché, because we all know that a picture says a thousand words. When you are designing a billboard, where people are often driving by them at 55+ miles per hour, with their attention on the road, traffic, and a million other things, the less words the better.  Quick, clear, effective communication.  That should be the priority for any outdoor advertising campaign.

Not only did they use extensions on the billboard to make the balloon shape cut out, they visually imply that the post the billboard actually stands on is the tube of the vacuum. Cheers to Miele! This is one of the best billboards I have seen in a while, and now we know that their vacuums REALLY SUCK!

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