February 2010

I are a grammar expert

They can manage and support my applications, but they can’t pass a 5th grade grammar test. I spotted this ad on LinkedIn.  Do people proofread their work?  Who is in charge at AT&T anyway?

If an ad like this actually ran for certain clients of mine, I would probably get fired. Attention to detail is often listed as a top requirement for jobs. The sad part is, this ad probably cost AT&T thousands of dollars to design and develop.

How can we expect readers to take online advertising seriously when the advertisers don’t take it seriously.  This type of error rarely occurs in big budget print ads and almost never occurs in TV advertisements.  I mean, imagine if TV announcers randomly left off prepositions in their sentences? (Unless we are talking about the old ads for Micro Machines where  John Moschitta Jr.  was talking so fast almost no one would notice.)

The letters line up nicely so kudos to the typesetter, but perhaps they should have read the words they put on the page. I can only imagine how many eyes this had to pass in front of before it was sanctioned as a valid ad.

A classic example of the “bobble-head nod and pass.”

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