Website Tracking

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Many of my clients request website tracking to see how many ‘hits’ they are getting. For the most robust tracking with a great interface at an unbeatable price, use Google Analytics. Forget the crappy one that came with your web hosting package, forget those new “BETA” ones people are trying to get you to test.

Search Engine Marketing

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When I design websites for people, they often want to be #1 in the Google results for their category.  I cannot stress enough how important INBOUND LINKS are to your online marketing efforts.  The more sites that are linking to your site, the more weight sites like google will give to you as being a […]


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I spend a portion of my time on Facebook. Some might think it is a waste of time, but I find social networking to be a great way to do business networking (well, duh). So hopefully all that time commenting on people’s photos, making status updates and playing scrabble will pay off one day. I’m […]

Internet down?

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It amazes me at how much we are all dependant on the internet.  The internet goes offline and work at my office seems to come to a halt.  Even the simplest things still require you to be “online”. We run tests and see how fast the speed is, eventhough the tests don’t acutally fix it, […]

Time to start blogging

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For a long time I have been meaning to start my own blog.  I worked creating websites for people and companies for many years before I created one for myself, and I didn’t want to make the same mistake with blogs.  I figured it was time to start blogging. Did I customize it?  No.  Is […]