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Michael Bud

When Michael is not designing graphics or writing lines of code, he’s carving sculptures in the round.

Michael Bud

Bringing it all together.

Leena Bud

Lynn brings an international, multi-lingual flair to the business and loves minimal layouts with a restrained use of text and jaw-dropping imagery.

Leena Bud

Make the blind see.


Core Services


Branding / Logo Design

Without a strong brand, you have a weak message. We can work with you to create the look and feel that represents you and your company through in-depth logo design and brand identity development.

Websites / Social Media

A responsive website and a strong online presence is crucial for all company trying to reach today’s diverse online community. From website design and concept through implementation, to social media strategies. Square Squared will facilitate growth, evolution and change on all of your digital media fronts.

Printed Media

Printed media is a vital part of your corporate communications and your brand in the “real world.” We help you  maintain a consistent identity while carrying  your brand and message to infinite possibilities.  Showcasing your strengths, with a bold message and exemplify the benefits of your products and services. Strengthen your brand across all platforms and mediums.

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One thing the Internet is lacking, is white space.

–Michael Bud, Creative Director

A Collection of Quality and professionalism

Dal Distler
Project 1
Hatch and Bailey
Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce
White Glove Healthcare
The Great Outdoor Toy Company
Sweet Rexies
David Corp
Bianca Boutique
Claris Construction
Phoenix Asset Management

We make the static responsive and the complicated simple.

–Leena Bud, Senior Design & Account Executive


P.O. Box 5119, Westport, CT 06880-5119


The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

Thomas Jefferson